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Strong Glenoid Fixation

The implant sits partially within the bone like a manhole cover surrounded by a peripheral rim of strong sclerotic bone resisting the rocking-horse motion

Simple Surgical Technique

All instrumentation required to implant the Shoulder Innovations Total Shoulder System comes in one instrument case--lowering costs and simplifying inventory administration.

Published Results

Results and outcomes of Shoulder Innovations’ InSet™ Glenoid technology have been studied and validated in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

The simplicity of our design--born out of our extensive experience--comes down to the basic notion that traditional fixation techniques aren't strong enough and don't last. Our InSet™ approach to Glenoid fixation is revolutionizing shoulder arthroplasty and, more importantly, improving procedure longevity--ultimately changing patient's lives.

inset shoulder implant
SInterlock Porus Coating: Provides remarkable primary fixation and a second to none scaffold for bony in growth
Proprietary Curved Fin Geometry: Maximizes the rotational stability in conjunction with improving fixation
Anatomic Humeral Heads: Provide exceptional coverage for each unique patient and are designed to load the resected humerus to prevent issues of bone resorption.
glenoid implant inset
Cement Channels: Designed to allow for an optimally controlled cement mantle that increases cement to implant contact and resists breaking or cracking
Hour Glass Central Peg: Designed to capture bone cement and resist pull out under load in addition to allowing for pressurization of bone cement into the surrounding bone
Inline Pegs: Allows for a simple preparation of the glenoid. The Inline pegs and circular shape of the glenoid allow for flexibility in placement. The glenoid can be placed in any direction and in the best bone possible to prevent the perforation of the pegs

Shoulder Replacement


Most problems with shoulder replacement surgery are driven by the fact that the glenoid sits on top of the bony surface. The InSet™ Glenoid addresses those issues.

Clinical Information

Results and outcomes of Shoulder Innovation’s InSet™ Glenoid technology have been studied and validated in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.