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InSet™ Total Shoulder System

The InSet™ Total Shoulder System is the result of the collaboration between clinicians and design engineers searching for a novel approach to Anatomic Shoulder Arthroplasty.

The InSet™ System is designed to set both the Glenoid and Humeral Stem within the bony surface of the glenoid and humerus.

This philosophy differs from other designs that fully inlay the device within the resected surface or rest the device on the resected bony surface.

InSet™ Glenoid

Stable fixation with InSet design

InSet™ Design to Maximize Peripheral Bone Support

The InSet™ Glenoid was designed to address the number one issue in Primary Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, Glenoid Loosening.

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InSet™ PLUS Augmented Glenoid

InSet™ PLUS augmented glenoidLike the InSet™ glenoid the InSet™ PLUS augmented glenoid has the same backside and articulating surface and uses the same instrumentation as the InSet glenoid.

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InSet™ Humeral Stem

humeral stem inset

The InSet™ Short-Stemmed Porous humeral stem incorporates a bone-preserving configuration that is designed to offer optimal short and long-term fixation with offset Humeral Heads that allow the surgeon to place the head in the most desirable position.

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One Tray

One Instrument TrayThe instrumentation for the InSet™ Anatomic TSA system is contained in one case.

The single case was designed to reduce processing time & costs while maximizing OR efficiency.

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Long-Term Results

The InSet™ standard glenoid has demonstrated excellent long-term results in a peer-reviewed journal. A paper by Gunther, et. with a mean follow-up of 8.7 yrs., presented in JSES, demonstrated no loosening and no revisions in the long term.

The InSet™ PLUS glenoid incorporates the same backside geometry as the Standard InSet™ glenoid, and underwent testing that mimicked the original standard glenoid. The testing on the InSet™ PLUS demonstrated the same reduction in lift-off or displacement as the standard glenoid component.

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