Shoulder Innovations Products

Humeral Stem

humeral stem inset

The Titanium alloy Humeral Stem from Shoulder Innovations is offered in a Tri-flange metaphyseal design in 3 sizes.

The proximal body includes a porous coating to allow for initial scratch fit fixation and the potential for long-term stability and bony ingrowth.

Proprietary Curved Fins

Proprietary curved fins designThe proximal body of the stem is designed with three proprietary curved fins. Curving the fins allowed for the fins to be longer than current stemless designs.

The length and curved configuration of the stem was done to maximize the rotational stability in the proximal humerus.

The cobalt chrome humeral heads are available in 2 mm eccentric options to allow for optimal coverage of the humerus. The heads are also available in several head heights.

An important design goal for the heads was to ensure that the heads load the humerus to address bone resorption.

Bone Preservation

The industry has launched several products that claim to offer bone preservation. As shown in the following image the design and location of the proximal fins maximize the amount of bone that is preserved.

humeral stem bone preservation


humeral stem convertibility

The InSet™ humeral stem is designed to allow conversion from an Anatomic TSA to a Reverse TSA without the need to remove the index humeral stem.

This is achieved by design the proximal stem with a bowl within the fins. This bowl is intended to accept the humeral tray and bearing without stuffing the joint space.