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InSet™ PLUS Augmented Glenoid Implant

InSet™ PLUS augmented glenoidThe InSet™ PLUS augmented glenoid offers surgeons the ability to dial the augment to the area of greatest defect.

The InSet™ PLUS was designed to offer additional correction of the glenoid as it allows for the combination of eccentric reaming with an additional 5 & 10 degrees of correction.

Like the standard InSet™ Glenoid, the InSet™ PLUS Augmented Glenoid has the same flat back design, which ensures 100% backside coverage and support.

augmented glenoid backside support

Shorter Central Pegs

inset and inset plus backside

Another design goal for all InSet™ Glenoid is the flexibility to place the glenoid component within the vault in a variety of glenoid deformities with perforating the vault walls.

The InSet™ central peg is 8mm long, which is approximately 6 mm shorter than most onlay central pegged glenoid components.

The design allows the InSet™ glenoid to be placed in a variety of glenoid vaults with a variety of defects without perforating the posterior vault.

Familiar Surgical Technique

glenoid reaming

Once the surgeon reams the pocket in the glenoid, they can choose the desired degree of correction for the patient without having to perform additional preparation of the glenoid should they decide to go with less correction or more correction.

One key factor of the InSet™ PLUS component is that it is implanted with the same surgical technique as the standard neutral InSet glenoid. This gives a surgeon the ability to decide between a standard or augmented glenoid post-ream, with no additional step required.

Testing the InSet™ Plus Augmented Glenoid

augmented glenoid implant

The InSet™ PLUS glenoid underwent testing that mimicked the original standard glenoid.

The testing on the InSet PLUS demonstrated the same reduction in lift-off or displacement as the standard glenoid component.