Shoulder Innovations Products

One Orthopedic Instrument Tray

The Value Of One

The instrumentation for the InSet™ Total Shoulder System, including the InSet™ PLUS Augmented Glenoid, is all contained in one orthopedic instrument tray.

Reducing Cost For Hospitals and ASCs

The single tray was designed to reduce processing time & costs while maximizing OR efficiency.

Traditional shoulder systems require a large number of trays to be processed, which significantly increases the total cost of surgery to hospitals and ASCs. Shoulder Innovations only has one instrument tray to process.

Our innovative one orthopedic instrument tray design reduces sterilization space, which can be used for other procedural trays.

The ease of use that comes with the InSet™ Shoulder System instruments can also be an advantage if the staff is not familiar with orthopedic procedures.