Addressing Problems In Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery typically runs into challenges because the glenoid sits on top of the bony surface. When the humerus goes up and down, rotates, and slides back-and-forth, it rocks the glenoid loose–often because it’s sitting on the surface.

Inset™ Glenoid

total shoulder replacement inset glenoid 2

This problem is solved with an InSet™ glenoid. When it is inset, the implant sits partially within the bone like a manhole cover surrounded by a peripheral rim of strong sclerotic bone.

total shoulder replacement inset glenoid 1

Another advantage of the InSet™ glenoid fixation is that because there’s such a strong circumferential rim of cortical bone, you don’t need much backside fixation and you can place the implant in deficient bone without much bony support.

New scientific data presented in the literature in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery shows that the InSet™ glenoid fixation technique increases the strength of fixation by up to 40 times.


Our InSet™ Glenoid technology significantly reduces surgical exposure and, in FEA models, improves glenoid stability by 87%.

Click Here To Watch: InSet™ Glenoid Technique 

Humeral Stem

inset humeral stem

Familiar, Proven Design Improved With fewer Surgical Steps

  • Unique countersunk head design allows the head to rest securely on the cut surface, eliminating any visible gap on x-ray1.
  • Robust and proven humeral system design, implanted with simplified technique and fewer instruments.
  • Humeral stem cleared for use with or without bone cement.
  • Humeral stems manufactured from cobalt chrome alloy in five diameters 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14mm, each 130mm in length.
  • Humeral heads manufactured from cobalt chrome alloy are offset 3mm and are available in three diameters 40, 46 and 52 providing 10 humeral head sizes.

Fewer Instruments

total shoulder replacement instruments

Our surgical team looked at all instrumentation, and we’ve simplified the process by removing unnecessary steps that complicate shoulder surgery.

All instrumentation required to implant the Shoulder Innovations Total Shoulder System comes in ONE instrument case, for less cost and inventory administration.

Long-Term Results

Fewer Surgical Steps

Less Administration


Our Commitment

Shoulder Innovations’ Total Shoulder Replacement System exceeds the expectations of the patient, surgeon, and hospital administration with a three-fold commitment:

  • Long-Term Results
  • Fewer Surgical Steps
  • One Surgical Case