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HOLLAND, Mich., April 18th, 2019—Genesis Innovation Group’s Shoulder Innovations (SI) is focused on human-centered design.  Stephen Gunther, M.D., from Charlottesville, VA, and the team at Shoulder Innovations have developed an innovative solution for the glenoid, called the InSet™ Glenoid, which simplifies the surgical technique for surgeons, minimizes the instrumentation handled by OR staff, and improves fixation and surgical outcomes for patients. 

The impressive results of Dr. Gunther’s work can now be found in the latest Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (JSES), the peer-reviewed official publication for eight leading specialty organizations.  In the group of study patients presented, all subjects treated had challenging C-type glenoids, with severely deficient bone.  In the 9+ years follow-up there were no revision surgeries, surgical complications or infections reported.  In the patients presenting for follow-up, there was no evidence of glenoid loosening. 

David Blue, Chief Commercial Officer of Shoulder Innovations, said, “Dr. Gunther has diligently studied and developed the InSet™ product and technique providing for the opportunity for improved patient outcomes.  This recent publication provides a very encouraging data set supportive of Dr. Gunther’s original concepts.  Together with a world class group of surgeons, Shoulder Innovations has already further improved the product and technique so that the technology can be available to a broader patient population.”

Shoulder Innovations’ customer base has embraced the InSet™ Glenoid technology wholeheartedly in the past 24 months leading to 1,000 glenoid surgical cases. The company now also offers the FDA cleared InSet™ Short Stem Humeral component as part of the InSet™ Total Shoulder System.

Rob Ball, Executive Chairman of Shoulder Innovations said, “Shoulder Innovations’ passion has been to deeply engage shoulder specialists in the development of innovative shoulder products that will pave the way for the future. The primary focused goal for SI is to provide improved treatment of patients, with higher reliability of outcomes, at a lower cost, while providing simpler implantation than existing methods.  We’ve used a rigorous risk-based approach to achieve these goals, and the results speak for themselves.”


Matt Ahearn

Vice President of Finance and Operations