Strong Glenoid Fixation

The implant sits partially within the bone like a manhole cover surrounded by a peripheral rim of strong sclerotic bone resisting the rocking-horse motion

Simple Surgical Technique

All instrumentation required to implant the Shoulder Innovations Total Shoulder System comes in one instrument case lowering costs and simplifying inventory administration.

Published Results

Results and outcomes of Shoulder Innovations’ InSettm Glenoid technology have been studied and validated in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Simple, yet significant


Shoulder Innovations’ Total Shoulder Replacement System addresses the most significant issue in shoulder arthroplasty: unreliable fixation of the glenoid implant.

More than ten years of clinical studies informed this revolutionary shoulder device.

Published results show Shoulder Innovations’ robust glenoid platform provides excellent implant stability, addressing the leading cause of revision surgery, micro-motion of the glenoid.

Shoulder Innovations also leverages this technology to create simple surgical instrumentation, which reduces operative time and cost.

Total Shoulder Replacement

The problems encountered with current total shoulder replacement models are based upon the fact that the glenoid sits on top of the bony surface.